HSC - 32

Promote, monitor and maintain health, safety and security in the working environment

Assessed HSC32 examples

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HSC32 - KS 2

2. Explain how you would provide active support and promote individuals’ rights, choices and well-being whilst promoting healthy and safe working practices and minimising risks from incidents and emergencies?

To give support and to minimise risks to service users I always give them the choice to be cared for in the manner they choose as long as it does not pose a threat to others and I take my guidance from their daily care plan and latest risk assessment. I ensure that the environment is safe for them to use and the equipment they use is safe and meets with the national standards.

4. Describe the current local, UK and European legislation and organisational requirements, procedures and practices for:

d. monitoring and maintaining health, safety and security in the working environment.

We maintain a safe environment by being watchful for hazards within the home, these include:
• wet, slippery or worn floors
• cluttered passages, corridors and blocked fire escapes
• electrical flexes are not frayed or lying across a floor
• radiators are not covered

• all equipment used is safe and appropriate
• chemicals are stored away and correctly labelled
• carers and other staff use appropriate PPE
• waste is disposed of correctly

HSC32a - KS 1

1. Describe the legal and organisational requirements when working with individuals, key people and others when monitoring and promoting health and safety for the following:
• Equality
• Diversity
• Discrimination
• Rights

The legal and the homes policies coincide with health and safety issues within the home including:
• Health & Safety
• Human Rights/Residents rights
• Equality & Diversity

These standards must be read and understood by the employees to know the correct way of reporting and acting in a health and safety incident.

4. Describe the current local, UK and European legislation and organisational requirements, procedures and practices for:

b. risk assessment and management
Risk assessments and their management must be carried out by a qualified person and are usually completed in the hospital, the GP or a nurse prior to a residents admission into the home. Within a few days of the residents arrival a further risk assessment will be carried out by the RGN or manager in the home and then again at regular intervals.